3 Reasons Your Knife Needs to Stay Sharp

  • Bob Nash

Originally Posted Jun 6 2013

The Oldawan team is a firm believer that a knife should always remain sharp. We’re sure that you know the feeling - you need your knife but its dull and thus useless. The following three reasons are just a start for why your knives should always be sharp.

3. You never know what is going to happen.

“Even when the world is at peace, a gentleman keeps a blade by his side.” from the strategies of Wu.

Knife enthusiasts are always prepared, whether they need a knife on a regular basis or simply once in a blue moon. A knife can get you out of a sticky situation. In the words of the Boy Scout motto “be prepared.”

2. Safety first!
Tools work best when they are taken care of and ready to use. Whether you are cooking, cutting, whittling or just fixing something, a knife works best when it gives you a clean cut. There is less risk of hurting yourself or others.

1. Get the biggest bang for your buck.
Do you know a person that throws their knives in a junk drawer once they are dull? They are throwing money out the window. Proper knife sharpening and maintenance will extend the effective lifetime of a knife.

There are many different techniques and maintenance methods, so we cannot go into detail here. Perhaps, another blog post in the future will further discuss these techniques. In the meantime, feel free to shoot us an e-mail or give us call. We are always happy to help!