KME Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Emulsions


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KME CBN Emulsions

(Manufacturer Part # CBN-4, CBN-15, CBN-05 and CBN-01)

From KME these 7 gram bottles of Ken Schwartz's CBN Spray preparation come in four grits: 4 micron, 1.5 micron, 0.5 micron and 0.1 micron.  Used in combination with the KME Kangaroo strops, these compounds will help you take your edges to amazing levels of sharpness.  The 4 micron on kangaroo is ideal following the fine KME diamond or ceramic hones and will amaze you with the jump in sharpness and shine - a must have addition to your KME system.  Each grit after that continues to make the edge bite more and have more of a mirror finish.

Cubic Boron Nitride is the next hardest substance on Earth behind diamonds but the cutting action is quicker and it gives incredibly sharp and smooth edges. Ken's sprays are among the finest preparations available, using the highest quality standards with formulations that have been custom blended to his exacting specifications.

We also have Ken's CBN sprays available in 2oz  bottles in one tenth micron, one eighth micron, one quarter micron, one half micron, three quarter micron and 1 micron or approximately 160,000; 128,000; 64,000; 32,000; 24,000 and 16,000 grit, respectively.

We also carry Ken's lineup of Poly-Crystalline Diamond Sprays also in 2 oz bottles

Please Note: You will need a separate strop for each CBN emulsion you want to use.  Once you treat a strop with a particular grit of CBN, always use the same grit on that strop. Use a separate strop for every grit.

Buy the 8 piece CBN and Strop set with all 4 CBN Emulsions and 4 strops and save more than 10%

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KME Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Emulsions