Wicked Edge Guide Rods

Wicked Edge Guide Rods


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Wicked Edge Guide Rods

Are you running into problems because your stock guide rods are too short either due to the length of the blade you are working on or because you are using the low angle adapter or a Tormek small knife attachment - or a combination of these?  

You aren't alone and now Wicked Edge is offering 4 different lengths of arms to accommodate these situations - the over all lengths are 10", 12", 14" and 15"

These arms are compatible with any Wicked Edge system with the ball joints - If your sharpener has ball joints these will work.  The only models that are not compatible are the WE100 basic sharpener kit or the Pro Pack 1 kit made prior to 2017. Both of these have the blue universal style joints for the guide arms.

To use any of these arms all you need to do is unscrew your original arms from the ball joint and thread in the new pair and you are ready to go.

If you are using any of these arms without the low angle adapter, tormek attachment or really long blades - then you will find that the longer the arms are, the easier it is to knock the rods together as you sharpen.  Easy fix though - just screw them out and thread back in your original stock set....

Now that Wicked Edge has begun making these extension arms themselves, I am no longer making up my own versions so cannot provide the 11" or 13" lengths that I used to offer

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Wicked Edge Guide Rods