Tormek Short Tool Jig - 1-1/2" capacity


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Our customers asked for a larger/wider straight shank sharpening jig, and Tormek responded. This SVS 38 Short Tool Sharpening Jig fits our T-7, T-4, T-3, and SuperGrind sharpening systems, and will become your go-to sharpening jig for your short straight-shank woodcarving tools, such as straight gouges, square carving chisels, V-tools, and many others. The patented jig is extremely well-designed, with two parallel flanges running on both sides of the universal support. This allows the jig to keep your blade square against the sharpening stone ? even when rotated! This keeps your focus on sharpening the edge of your tool, without worrying about whether it is square (because it always is!) The width is a generous 38mm, allowing for your wider short tools to be easily accommodated and sharpened. This jig is part of the Tormek water-cooled sharpening system, which is designed to take less metal off your tools, which increases longevity while producing the finest edge possible. Treat your tools as well as they treat you ? get a Tormek!

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Tormek Short Tool Jig - 1-1/2" capacity