Edge Pro 1100 Grit Diamond Matrix Stone

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Edge Pro 1100 Grit Diamond Matrix Stone

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Edge Pro's new 1100 grit diamond matrix stone is a great addition to your sharpener.  Ideal for modern "super steels," and ceramic knives.  It will give you a nice working edge.  It is very long wearing - as you work, fresh grit is exposed so the stone cuts at the same rate as it wears.

Mounted on aluminum backing to fit Edge Pro Apex and Professional Sharpeners.

Use the new 240 grit Aluminum Oxide with your stone leveling kit to maintain these stones.


  • Superior Scratch Pattern
  • High Quality Mono-crystalline diamonds 
  • Tight Particle Size distribution
  • Precision CNC machined blank reducing bow and twist 

* Edge Pro does all they can to reduce voids in the stone but we cannot guarantee all stones will be free of them. These voids will not interfere with the sharpening performance of the stones.

Also available in 300, 650, 2300 and 4000 grit

About the Diamond Matrix sharpening stone line

After years of searching for polishing stones Edge Pro decided to build their own.  The result, was Edge Pro's 2300 and 4000 grit polishing stones.  These diamond matrix stones performed so well Edge Pro expanded the offering to a selection of 5 grits.  

That new Edge Pro diamond matrix line was designed for the sharpening fanatics that insist on the best. Attention to detail and quality are immediately visible when you hold these stones in your hand. The matrix diamond blade sharpener stones have a special feel of their own, and last an incredibly long time.

The stones start with a precision machined aluminum blanks.  These are machined super flat to minimize and bowing or twisting. Then domestically sourced diamonds are evenly mixed throughout the resin and cured onto the blank. This provides even grit distribution throughout the stones.

As the stone wears, new diamond particles are exposed so the stone continues to cut at the same rate and doesn't suffer a loss in performance.

Ideal for the modern "super steels" and works great for sharpening ceramic knives








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Edge Pro 1100 Grit Diamond Matrix Stone