Tormek 10 inch Fine Diamond Wheel, 600 Grit for T8 and T7


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Tormek 10 inch Fine Diamond Wheel, 600 Grit for T8 and T7

Part #DF-250

We are very excited to now have Diamond wheels for the Tormek available.

Tormek's diamond wheels extend the range and capability of your Tormek T8, T7 or 2000 models - allowing you to sharpen any material without worrying about dishing.  Using the side you can achieve flat bevels too!

The DF-250 fine wheel is 600 grit which makes it a great all around wheel.   It will remove material giving you some reshaping and repair capabilities and still produce a nice toothy working edge.

There is a finer grit wheel available as well for refining your edge even further - the DE-250 extra fine wheel is a 1200 grit. 

Also available is a coarser wheel for when you need more significant repair and reshaping capabilities - DC-250 Coarse wheel is 360 grit 

Diamond is the world's hardest material and almost twice as hard as cubic boron nitride (CBN), which is another commonly used abrasive. The diamond's extreme hardness and durability make it an optimal material for sharpening and offers exceptional durability.  It makes sharpening quicker on steel and carbide - and gives you the capability of sharpening ceramics as well.

Another great advantage of the diamond wheels is that the diamond wheels have a layer of diamonds on the side as well.  You then have the ability to sharpen on the side as well as the periphery. By using these wheels together with the new Multi Base jig you can use 10 different jigs to produce flat bevels instead of the slight hollow grind produced by the stones round surface.  This is ideal for the sharpening of small carving tools such as carving gouges and V-tools plus plane irons, wood chisels and also knives.

The diamond wheels all come with a 150ml bottle of the TOR-ACC150 Anti Corrosion Concentrate included.  Tormek does recommend using water when sharpening with the diamond wheels and the Anti-corrosion concentrate will help protect the wheels.  Add 10ml per 250ml of water - this is enough for 7 refills of the 500ml T8 trough 

The TOR-ACC150 Anti Corrosion Concentrate is safe to be used with any Tormek grinding wheel.  Be aware that it doesn't contain anti-freeze.

Remember to lower or remove the trough so the wheel is not in the water when not in use.

The wheels measure 10 inch in diameter and 2 inches wide.

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Tormek 10 inch Fine Diamond Wheel, 600 Grit for T8 and T7