Wicked Edge Pro Pack II

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Wicked Edge Pro Pack II

(manufacturer part #WE120PR2)

This kit is the original abrasive line up.  Wicked Edge changed to a new line up and cost as of Aug 6 and those kits will be available soon

The Pro Pack 2 was awarded Blade Show Accessory of the year 2012! 


The Pro Pack II combines the Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener WE120 with a line up of abrasives allowing anyone to create razor sharp edges with a nice shine - refining the edge to a higher level than what is available with the Pro Pack I.  The included WE120 has a wider angle range than the Pro Pack I - 13 to 35 degrees.  It also allows you ultimate angle control by dialing in the angle more precisely - sub one degree - with micro-angle adjustment.

This package includes:

  • WE120 Sharpener 2017 Model - sharpener hardware including 100/200 and 400/600 diamond handle sets
  • 800/1000 diamond handle pack
  • Micro fine ceramics pack (1.4 and 0.6 microns)
  • 1/0.5 leather strops pack
  • Digital Angle Gauge
  • and base type of your choice - or no base at all (prices and colors vary) Standard offering is the aluminum base

The current version features a jam-nut locking system for the micro angle adjustment, it can also be distinguished from the earlier version by the arched riser block below the vise.  

Extension Arm Sets: If you are using or are intending to use this kit with longer knives or together with the low angle adapter you may also be interested in extension arms sets.  These are a longer pair of arms that will thread in to replace the standard Pro Pack II arms when you need the additional length.  The standard arm length on the Pro Pack II is 8 inches. We have extension arms available in 10, 12, 14 and 15 inch lengths. 


If you would like to get the PP2 set of stones but replace the WE120 with another sharpener please contact us and we can work out the details for you to make that happen

Handle colors can vary.  Base Colors will vary

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Wicked Edge Pro Pack II