KME JewelStik 1-2-3 Diamond Hone


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KME Hewlett JewelStick 1-2-3 Diamond Hone

(Manufacturer Part # JLSTK)

Size: 1" x 4" x 3/16" 

Trying to figure out how to sharpen a blade with a tighter inside radius than your flat stones will handle?  Here’s an awesome accessory diamond hone to add to your KME knife sharpening kit.  

This hone set includes the 3 sided hone and rod only.  It can be used with your KME Sharpener - purchased separately - or free hand.  

The curved surfaces of this hone are perfectly suited for sharpening recurve blades, hawkbill blades, Karambits, Kukris, or any other knife or broadhead with a concave cutting edge (inside curve) design. 

Custom made in the USA for KME by Hewlett MFG, it has 3 different diamond grit hones on it - Coarse (270), Medium (600), & Fine (1800).  Each hone has a 1/2" wide rounded diamond sharpening surface making it perfect for sharpening even the most extreme concave blade designs. 

For easy use on your KME sharpener it includes a guide rod which attaches to the hone with a close tolerance friction fit. Just push the rod a few inches into the hone and you are ready to fit it through the spherical bearing on your sharpener - there is no need to push the rod completely through to the other end of the hone though some people find that more comfortable. The rod can be installed in either end of the hone so that the entire diamond surface can be utilized. 

Please note that the caps on both ends of the hone are duplicates so only one end will show the grits correctly - you can mark that end cap or file off the markings on the other end. 

A note about rounded hones: When using rounded hone, care must be taken not to round over the tips of your knives. This is because unlike a wide flat stone, a rounded hone has a very small area of blade contact. It is easy to go just a bit too far and slip past the tip which will cause the point or tip to be deformed or rounded over slightly. You can be fairly aggressive throughout the length of the blade but be very careful when you sharpen the tip section..

Also suitable to be used free hand

(does NOT include the knife sharpening system, knife or the base shown in the secondary pictures.) 


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KME JewelStik 1-2-3 Diamond Hone