KME "The Beast" 50 Grit Gold Series Diamond Hone

KME "The Beast" 50 Grit Gold Series Diamond Hone


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KME "The Beast" Gold Series 50 Grit Diamond Hone

(Manufacturer Part # GS-BEAST-50)

Size: 1" x 4" x 3/16" 

If you are doing a lot of repair work on blades then "The Beast" will save you a lot of time and save your finer grit stones from the need to do the heavy lifting.  This 50 grit stone is very aggressive and removes stock quickly making the toughest repair and reprofiling jobs go much faster.  It is a super aggressive hone and works great for major blade repair and serious reprofiling.  You will want to follow it with a finer coarse diamond like the XX-Coarse 100 or X-Coarse 140 grit diamond hones to help remove the deep scratches it will put in the metal when you use it.  Removing the deep scratches will be necessary if you are hoping to get a good polish on your edge.  

As with all diamond hones use light pressure when sharpening to extend their life.  This is particularly important with this coarse of a stone as you can easily over hone the knife.  

KME's Gold Series line of diamond hones have shown themselves to be very durable and of high quality. 

Fits the stone holder of the KME Knife Sharpening System.  

Also suitable to be used free hand.

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KME "The Beast" 50 Grit Gold Series Diamond Hone