Wicked Edge Low Angle Adapter


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Wicked Edge Low Angle Adapter

(Manufacturer Part # WELA)

This is newest low angle adapter and it is wider than shown in the photos so will fit onto all Wicked Edge systems including the Gen III sharpener

The Low Angle Adapter is a clamp extension. It fits into the top of the vise on your Wicked Edge sharpener just as if you were mounting a knife.  Then the knife mounts in the adapter using the small hex driver on your standard vise key that was included with the sharpener.  With the extra height you can now get down to angles in the range of 10° with the Basic Kit and Pro-Pack I and 8° with the Pro-Pack II or if your sharpener is fitted with the Pro Pack II Ball Joint arms kit. 

Please note that the actual angles you can achieve are dependent upon the height of the cutting edge above the top of the low angle adapter.  This attachment is most effective with knives at least 1 inch wide.  With smaller knives, like many paring knives, the angle range will be limited as the vise will get in the way still.  With small traditional folders you will not get any angle advantage at all.  With small traditional folders or slip joints the Tormek Small Knife holder where we also carry may be a better solution for you to get the lower angles you desire

Gen 3 users please be aware while the standard clamp on your system centers the knife, this will not.  As the blade gets thicker the cutting edge will move to the right

This is the adapter only, does not include base, sharpener or knife pictured

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Wicked Edge Low Angle Adapter