Wicked Edge Nano Cloth Strops Pack

Wicked Edge Nano Cloth Strops Pack


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These strops come as a pair of handles with aluminum mounted Nanocloth strips on both sides. The handles are labeled "Fine" and "Coarse" to assist in differentiating grit size applied to the cloth.


After a great deal of research, Ken Schwartz has found a material that has almost no abrasive properties - less than leather, felt or balsa. When using extremely fine compounds, you don't want your substrate to provide more abrasion than the compound, so this is IDEAL for your finest sprays. MUCH less give than the hardest of felts, it is a synthetic fiber producing a uniform surface that HOLDS compounds in place and doesn't fluff out from water. The ultimate level of performance for your edges and superb for touch ups. It is suitable for use with the finest of sprays we carry - deionized water with CBN, PCD or MCD from 1 micron to 0.025 micron. Not ideal for pastes. As with leather, use edge trailing strokes only.

Handle colors will vary

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Wicked Edge Nano Cloth Strops Pack