Gatco Fine Serration Sharpening Hone

Gatco Fine Serration Sharpening Hone

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Gatco Fine Serration Ceramic Hone

(model 15007)

This 600 grit high alumina technical ceramic is finest serration hone available from Gatco.  It produces a keen polished edge on all serrated blades.  A great addition to any kit to help refine your serrations to a keener edge than what is available with the Medium Serrated Sharpening Hone alone.  It can handle minor repairs to your serrations.  Be careful when using the serration hones that you do not get up on the tips of your serrations and round them off.

Like all Gatco handles it has their patent pending adjustable sliding guide rod and finger protection rails.

This stone is not included as a part of any of Gatco's sharpening kits


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Gatco Fine Serration Sharpening Hone