Gatco Medium Serration Sharpening Hone

Gatco Medium Serration Sharpening Hone

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Gatco Fine Serration Ceramic Hone

(model 15001)

This fine serration triangular ceramic is great at restoring dull serrated blades.  It will also help with sharpening knives with a tight inside radius to the blade - too tight for the standard stones; like a hawkbill or karambit A great addition to any kit to keep your serrations sharp.  Works great prior to the Fine Serration Sharpening Hone to make your serrations better than factory sharp.  

Be careful when using this hone to avoid getting up on the tips of your serrations so you don't round them off.

Like all Gatco handles it has their patent pending adjustable sliding guide rod and finger protection rails.

This stone is included in the Gatco Edgemate Professional Knife Sharpening System, the Gatco Edgemate Diamond Knife Sharpening System and the Gatco Edgemate Ultimate Diamond Knife Sharpening System.

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Gatco Medium Serration Sharpening Hone