Edge Pro Apex Retractable Magnet


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Edge Pro Apex Retractable Magnet

New item for your Apex.  

Magnetizing the blade table on your Apex can be an effective way of stabilizing your knife while sharpening. It can also really speed the learning curve for beginners allowing them to focus more attention on creating a perfect edge and less attention on holding the knife steady.

But you may also find their are times where the magnetism will hinder your ability to sharpen a blade. So instead of permanently attaching the magnet under the table, Edge Pro found a way that allows you to quickly and easily activate and deactivate the magnet by raising and lowering it, no tools required. Use the magnet when it's helpful, lower the magnet when it's not. Quick and simple.

Installing the Edge Pro Apex table magnet accessory on new Edge Pro Apex sharpeners is VERY simple. The housing press fits (tightly) under the table between the legs. For older models, you may have to replace the leg screws to make room for the magnet. Those screws are included with this kit in case you need them.

Full instructions included as well.


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Edge Pro Apex Retractable Magnet