Tormek Knife Jig

Tormek Knife Jig


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Tormek Knife Jig

One of the handiest uses for a Tormek Sharpening System is the sharpening of knives. And this SVM-45 Knife Sharpening Jig makes it fast, simple, and even fun! It attaches to your Tormek Sharpening System (T-8, T-7, T-4, T-3, and SuperGrind systems), and is both inspired in design, and versatile in use.

This knife sharpening jig will do the job you want it to do - give your knives and blades a consistent, finely honed edge, time after time. Almost any shape can be worked on, as the universal support will allow you to follow the blade's curve. 

The universal support supports the jig, and it handles a wide range of knife sizes (the limitations are a minimum blade width of 14mm (9/16 inch) and minimum blade length of 2 3/8 inch).

Wait, you have smaller knives? No problem - Tormek also makes an optional attachment (Tormek SVM-00 Small Knife Holder) that owners of smaller knives will love.

And what about long knives?  If your blade is over about 6 1/4 inches in length it will need to be stiff to use with this jig.  If it is a flexible blade you'll want to look at the Tormek SVM-140 Long Knife Jig 

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Tormek Knife Jig