Wicked Edge Kangaroo Leather Strops Pack

Wicked Edge Kangaroo Leather Strops Pack


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These select leathers are hand picked and prepared by Ken Schwartz at Precise Sharpening.  They are made from thinner hides and provide extreme flatness because there is less compression, giving remarkable edges. They are perfect for stropping dry but are best with polishing pastes or sprays, including our fine diamond and CBN preparations from 1 down to 0.025 microns. This leather provides minimal abrasion itself, but still has the draw of leather, providing a very fine polish. Use this as a final finish after using your finest stones or diamond plates. Use it on your razors and knives for the sharpest and finest finish available on this planet from a natural material! Great for edge touch ups!

These strops come as a pair of handles with aluminum mounted Kangaroo leather strips on both sides. The handles are labeled "Fine" and "Coarse" to assist in differentiating grit size applied to the leather.

Handle colors will vary

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Wicked Edge Kangaroo Leather Strops Pack