Edge Pro Un-mounted 1200 Grit Stone

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Edge Pro Un-mounted 1200 Grit Stone

If you're going through your Edge Pro stones quickly you can save some money by buying unmounted stones.   When your stone is used up, you can remove your old stone from the aluminum backing plate and mount a new one to that same backing.  

This stone must be mounted to be used on an Edge Pro System.  If you need a replacement mounting blank, I do have those available

For best results, I recommend mounting the stone onto your mounting blank using 3M's Super 77 Spray.

The 1200 Grit aluminum oxide water stone is the finest waterstone available from Edge Pro - and it is available only from Oldawan. 

If you are looking for even finer stones, I do offer Edge Pro's Diamond Matrix stones as well as Naniwa Professional Stones (formerly Chosera) cut for Edge Pro systems

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Edge Pro Un-mounted 1200 Grit Stone