KME Kangaroo Leather Strop

KME Kangaroo Leather Strop


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KME Kangaroo Leather Strop

(Manufacturer Part # K-STP-4)

Size: 1" x 4" x 3/16" 


Have you been looking for strops to use on your KME system to take your knives to the next level - then this is for you.  Kangaroo is one of the finest stropping leathers.  As with other leathers their effect dry is negligible but if you use them together with a compound like KME's CBN emulsions and you'll see your sharpness and shine jump.

The strops are made from premium Kangaroo leather permanently mounted on a flat aluminum plate.  The leather is trimmed flush, then each edge of the leather is beveled to prevent the edges and corners from catching or lifting.

When using a strop you always need to use a trailing edge stroke - if you move into the cutting edge you'll cut the surface of the strop.  On a rod guided system this can be tricky especially on longer edges, in short you need to be moving away from the spine faster than you move down the blade.  Try short overlapping strokes making your way down the blade to minimize the risk of cutting up your strop.

Please Note: You will need a separate strop for each CBN emulsion you want to use.  Once you treat a strop with a particular grit of CBN, always use the same grit on that strop. Use a separate strop for every grit.

Each strop comes in a heavy weight vinyl storage sleeve.

I do offer the strops and CBN emulsions as a bundle.  Buy the 8 piece CBN and Strop set with all 4 CBN Emulsions and 4 strops and you'll save more than 10%

Also suitable to be used free hand

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KME Kangaroo Leather Strop