Naniwa Chosera Stones for the KME

Naniwa Chosera Stones for the KME

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Naniwa Chosera Stones for the KME Sharpener

The Chosera stones are among the finest synthetic waterstones available. They provide an excellent, smooth feel while working and deliver a fantastic edge and polish.  They are a great addition to the abilities of the KME Sharpening system

We have the full line of Chosera - 8 grits - from 400 to 10,000 available.  

These stone are cut to 1' x 4" and at least 3mm thick *In response to multiple requests we are moving to stones that are at least 3mm thick and are mounted to aluminum backing for better support of the stone.

These waterstones will wear with time exposing fresh grit continuously and can be used until worn away - they are very long lived for this reason and perform consistently over the life of the stone unlike diamond hones.  That wearing does mean that you will need to flatten them as they will be come "dished" - more worn away in the center than at the ends.

The Coarse grit Chosera (#400, #600 and #800) are best for re-profiling, for initial sharpening, and for general maintenance and repairs, including removing chips. The #800 Chosera leaves a toothy "working edge"  These grits will quickly clean up and remove the deep scratches left by the KME Gold Series Diamond Hones

The Medium grit Choseras (1K, 2K and 3K) quickly produce excellent edges.  The green 1000 grit is a real work horse - sometimes called the "incredible hulk."  It will handle light repairs and chip removal and leave a really nice working edge.  We really like it as a follow on to the fine KME diamond hone for its quick work removing the deep scratches left by the diamonds.  The 2000 will follow the KME ceramic hones nicely and is a great transition step between the 1000 and 3000 Chosera hones.  The 3000 grit stone is going to give you an even better shine and a more refined working edge.

The Fine grit Choseras (5K and 10K) polish and finish your edges producing a beautiful shine and ultra smooth edge. 

Buy the full set of 8 grits and save.

NOTE: Chosera stones are used with water only, oil is not recommended.  These stones are thicker than the KME diamond stones and the stones change in thickness with use so when moving from the diamond stones to the Chosera - or when moving from one Chosera grit to another you will need to adjust your angle settings to match the sharpening angle on the knife.  I recommend using the KME Stone Thickness Compensator to make those angle changes quickly and easily.  You can also adjust using a sharpie marker to match angles or with an angle gauge.

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Naniwa Chosera Stones for the KME