Tormek T-2 Professional Kitchen Sharpening System


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Tormek T-2 Professional Kitchen Sharpening System

New Professional Sharpener from Tormek!

Model T-2

Tormek of Sweden has applied their more than 40 years experience in knife sharpening to develop their new T-2 sharpener.  It is specifically designed to meet the needs of professional kitchens - providing a user friendly design that delivers consistent results - sharp knives right when you need them.


The T-2 offers:

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Professional Sharpening results
  • Constant Angle control
  • Diamond Wheel
  • Composite wheel for polishing
  • Fast Sharpening
  • Silent running

The fine grained diamond wheel is optimized for knife sharpening to provide a high level of sharpness and efficient steel removal, without removing more steel than is necessary.  With it's patented, quick setting angle guidance system you can easily set your knife angle to suit your usage.  With angle settings from 8 to 22 degrees you can dial in the angle you desire quickly and easily. 

Another innovation on the T2 sharpener is the new composite honing wheel.  It has the abrasive material right in the wheel so no paste to deal with.

The slow speed motor ensures you will not overheat your blade

The T-2 comes with Tormeks 7 year manufacturer warranty.


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Tormek T-2 Professional Kitchen Sharpening System