KME Axe Sharpening Fixture


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KME Axe Sharpening Fixture

Part # Axe-Sharpener

If you already have a KME sharpener system and want to add the ability to sharpen your axes, hatchets and hawks - now you can.  

Sharpening your axes, hatchets, and hawks has never been so easy.  It allows you to produce true radius convex bevels when used with KME's convex guide rod, or flat V grinds when used with their standard straight guide rod.  

Patent pending magnetic base holds securely to your axe and can be placed in a variety of positions to sharpen axes, hatchets, and hawks of various shapes and sizes. The upper angle guide pivots to work on both sides of the axe.  

Works with the standard KME stone carrier, guide rods, and stones.

This is the Axe Accessory fixture only - it does not include the KME knife sharpener, stone carrier, standard or convex guide rod, or the stones.  

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KME Axe Sharpening Fixture