KME Convexing Guide Rod

KME Convexing Guide Rod


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KME Convexing Guide Rod

Model# KF-CVX

Ever wanted to establish and maintain a convex edge on your knives using your KME Sharpener without building them from a combination of angles.  Well now you can create a true radius, convex bevels!

KME's new convexing guide rod screws right into any KME stone carrier allowing a convex edge to be built - and then maintained without changing angles. The convexing rod is formed in a smooth uniform curve which results in approximately 5 degrees of angle change from the beginning of each stroke to the end.  This gradual, 5 degree angle change produces beautifully rounded bevels which were previously only possible by free-hand sharpening with sandpaper on a soft backer pad or with belt sanders.

The rod includes an adjustable stop to prevent the possibility of scratching your blades, and a knurled thumb nut for locking the rod in place in perfect position.

See the full instructional video including how to set the convexing rod up on your stone carrier, and how it’s used to sharpen below:

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KME Convexing Guide Rod