KME 3 Hone Gold Series Diamond Set

KME 3 Hone Gold Series Diamond Set


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KME Gold Series Coarse, Fine, Extra Fine 3 Grit Diamond Hone Set

(Manufacturer Part # GS-3ST)

Size: 1" x 4" x 3/16" 

Save buying as a set!

• 1-Coarse 300 grit hone

• 1-Fine 600 grit hone

• 1-X-Fine 1500 grit hone

KME's 3 hone set is the complete set of hones included with the original KME Diamond Sharpener.  If you want a set of diamond hones to add to your R,P.S.H Combo sharpener or as a replacement or spare set for your KME Diamond Sharpening Kit or pocket stones to sharpen your knives free hand this is the set for you.  

KME's own line of Gold Series diamond hones was released in late 2013.  In our use so far they have shown themselves to be durable and high quality stones.

Fits the stone holder of the KME Knife Sharpening System.  

Also suitable to be used free hand.

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KME 3 Hone Gold Series Diamond Set